Montana Dodge Boys Scorch the Records

 montana dodge boys


montana dodge boysIs there any room left for real hot rodders in a world gone bonkers for LSX engines, high tech 4-valve modular motors and second generation Hemis tweaked with mail order, bolt-on speed parts in fifteen different colors plus chrome and brushed aluminum and two color glossy stickers in every box at your doorstep overnight?
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The Dawn of Pro Stock

pro stockAs spawned in the early seventies, the Pro Stock class  introduced a powerful new force in drag racing. Evolving from the popularity of Super Stock class racing, Pro Stock quickly became a fan favorite. Drag racing fans came to see the Funny Cars, but hardcore racing fans were clearly there to see the Pro Stock cars with hero drivers slamming gears behind screaming naturally aspirated factory based engines not that far removed from local dealer showrooms. Pro Stock has changed dramatically over the years, but the early period gave drag racing fans all gear bangin’ glory they could possibly ask for with ‘Cudas, Mustangs, Camaros, Mavericks, and Vegas going at it hot andd heavy on the nation’s drag strips every weekend. 

pro stock
These mostly stock-bodied cars resembled what many fans longed for in their own street cars. But over time, the original genre of Pro Stock morphed into a completely different animal driven largely by corporate sponsorships and a wholesale switch to tube frame chassis and larger engines.  This drove a wedge between fans and the sanctioning bodies where fan support stemmed from the relative stock appearance of the cars.Today’s cookie cutter version pales in comparison to the pioneers who had to bring it on their own merit and the sharpest builder and most talented drivers rose to the top much like the legendary Gasser heros of the sixties.

pro stock
The Dawn of Pro Stock
by Steve Reyes is a welcome refresher course on those early years, when fans could really connect with the cars, and brand rivalries were intense.  Drag racing photographer Steve Reyes was trackside at virtually all of the major NHRA events from the mid 1960s through the late 1990s, photographically documenting  the evolution of Pro Stock cars and the hero drivers who crafted racing legends with 4-speeds and Lenco transmissions.   Reyes has gathered the best shots of his lengthy career, supplementing them with great images from his contemporaries to provide this special look at the dawn and evolution of a racing class that became as popular as Funny Cars and spawned numerous spinoffs in Pro Mod style competition.  Steve’s personal commentary explains the many outstanding images and provides readers with a wholly unique perspective on the developmental years of one of the most favored classes in drag racing.

pro stock
Every hardcore drag racng fan should have this book on the shelf for the photos alone. Reyes commentary helps carry the flavor of the day and the only flaw is seen in a few accidental misspellings of several well know drivers. That aside, the book is a wonderful photographic interpretation by one of the nation’s greatest drag racing photographers and a testament to the original intent of Pro Stock racing with true factory based cars.

About the Author

Steve Reyes is the author of previous CarTech drag racing photo books Fuel Altereds Forever, Funny Car Fever and Quarter-Mile Chaos. He is one of the most noteworthy and respected drag racing photographers in history. Reyes is also recognized for his outstanding photography skills in other sports coverage as well, especially for his work covering NHL hockey. From the 1960s-1990s, he was the staff photographer for Popular Hot Rodding magazine and published both new and vintage imagery in every issue. He has also shot and written car features for Super Chevy and Street Rodder magazine, along with a wide range of motorcycle and chopper magazine features.

  • Series: Cartech
  • Paperback: 176 pages
  • Publisher: Car Tech (January 15, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1613250401
  • ISBN-13: 978-1613250402


BONNEVILLE A Century of Speed


century of speedThe 100th anniversary of land speed racing on the Bonneville Salt Flats in northwest Utah is fittingly celebrated  in “Bonneville: A Century of Speed” by David Fetherston with Ron Main. Debuting at the 2014 Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, California, the book, was produced to  support the Save the Salt Foundation.  Continue reading

Meaux Racing Heads tests 2101 HP Mud Truck Engine

Master head porter Larry Meaux at Meaux Racing Heads in Abbeville, Loiusiana just finished dynoing Jeff Wales’ 730ci BBC engine for “Thor”, his  AMRA (American Mud Racing Association} Mud Truck.  This C&S Performance Engines (Chris & Stephanie) bad boy made made 2,101 HP on a very easy nitrous squeeze, 1,611 HP w/2-4’s N.A. and 1,572 HP w/1-4 barrel N.A.

meaux racing headsIt was run with Larrys’ new custom-built SF-871 Absorber setup on his SuperFlow SF-901 engine dyno which gives him about 3000 HP capacity and 2000+ Lbs TQ, thanks in part to a new Interface 5000 LbsTq Strain Gauge. C&S kept the compression ratio relatively low with C23 race gas and did not use Q16 oxygenated fuel because this year its not legal for Mud Truck. The 1572 HP single 4V Dominator version was the perfect setup as you can only run a single 4-barrel carb in that class.

The engine features a Sonny’s Racing Engines (SRE) aluminum block with a 5.080-inch bore and a 4.500-ich stroke with a rod length of 8.50-inch. It has a 13.75:1 compression ration and runs through 8000 rpm. The SRE aluminum heads hold 2.825/2.100-inch valves with 1.2490inch lift on the intake side and 1,2150-inch on the exhaust. Duration at .050-inch lift is 283 degrees and a whopping 314 degrees on the exhaust side to accommodate the exhaust volume generated by the nitrous. The camshaft has a lobe centerline of 117.5 degrees installed at 117.8 degrees.

Compare the accompanying PipeMax analysis with the actual test runs.

Meaux racing heads

Two four barrels with mild nitrous oxide, 2,101 HP


meaux racing heads meaux racing heads
meaux racing heads

Two four barrels, naturally aspirated, 1,611 HP


meaux racing heads

Single four barrel, naturally aspirated, 1,572 HP


Chris Laquerre at C & S Performance did all engine assembly and sciencing out the final combination , mostly using PipeMax. The single four barrel carb is a BLP Dominator flowing 2100 CFM on Larry’s flowbench. The twin four barrels are  1300 CFM ProSystems carbs. VED ( David Visner ) did the Sheet Metal Manifold, (

“We installed the latest MSD programmable ignition setup permanently mounted on the Dyno.  We needed that setup to start the high comp ratio engines and to program our own ignition advance curves especially when we test with various amounts of nitrous on the dyno. We retard the ignition timing a specified rate per rpm,” Larry offered.

 Initial modeling in PipeMax ( helped Chris home in on the ideal combination and the results were clearly predictable. It’s a beast. And don’t_cha just know its gonna be one mud slingin’ son of a gun.


Meaux Racing Heads


2100 HP Mud Truck Engine Test