PipeMax Creator Larry Meaux on Race Engine Head Porting

Meaux Racing HeadsEditor’s note:
Larry Meaux has been quietly porting heads and building championship winning race engines for more than three decades. A long list of winning customers is testament to his porting and engine design skills. He is passionate about race engine performance and leaves no stone unturned when investigating and testing new theories. In this interview he has devoted considerable time to answering our questions and sharing valuable knowledge that will help other racers and engine builders. Be sure to read the entire interview. It’s long, but Larry shares some great porting tips that you can apply at home. In our opinion any engine you might contemplate should be modeled in his PipeMax program to determine optimum lengths and cross sections for intake and exhaust flow paths. Get a copy of PipeMax and join the forum on Larry’s web site www.maxracesoftware.com for some eye opening information on race engine performance.  Larry’s years of experience have made him a valuable resource for engine builders seeking to optimize power and torque in racing engines. Now he’s willing to share it with you.

Larry thanks for making some time to answer our questions. Please tell our readers a little about yourself and your company, i.e. how long you’ve been porting heads, how many you do in a year, who uses them, some of your success stories and so on. A brief bio if you will. Then we’ll get into the specific questions.

Meaux is pronounced like “Moe” (Cajun French pronunciation). Usually people have a hard time pronouncing my last name correctly so I just dropped the “e” and the “u” out of Meaux to form just the “Max” in MaxRaceSoftware to make it easier to pronounce and remember.

I started Meaux Racing Heads in July 1972 and have been porting heads and manifolds ever since. I purchased my first flow bench in February 1978. It was the SuperFlow SF-110 Bench and in May 1984 I purchased the higher capacity SF-600 flow bench from SuperFlow. In December 1987 i purchased the SuperFlow SF-901 engine dyno.

Machine Shop equipment includes:

  • Storm Vulcan 85B-E Block Master
  • Stewart Warner Industrial Balancer
  • Kwik-Way FN Boring Bar + custom made block O-ring receiver groove cutter
  • Kwik-Way VS Valve Grinder + custom made .0001″ accuracy valve Chuck capability
  • Peterson Head Shop, Air float table
  • Miller Dial Arc 300 amp Tig welder
  • Vertical Mill with Head Fixture plus various Goodson 3D Valve seat Cutters and tooling, various BHJ, Sunnen valve guide plus block hone, fixtures, Rimac Marquette Distributor Machine, etc. 

Billy Carter’s 441ci Small Block

Craig Bourgeois' A/NS Dragster

Craig Bourgeois’ A/NS Dragster

Jeff Colletta's NPS Camaro

Jeff Colletta’s NPS Camaro


John Wilson’s 440ci Chevelle

Since the 1980s to present day my customers have set 34 NHRA National Records in various classes such as NHRA Stock, Super Stock, and Competition Eliminator along with numerous wins in Dirt Track racing, Mud Truck racing, Boat racing classes and even a IMSA pole position at Houston one year.

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